Where to eat / have a drink in Gran Canaria?

It is not because many holidaymakers choose an all-inclusive formula during their stay that bars and restaurants do not flourish on Gran Canaria.

Because they are everywhere! So, don’t deprive yourself!

But nevertheless, certainly there is a choice, but how to find your way around and be sure to come across an address that is worth the detour?

Below is a list that should help you satisfy your thirst and your taste buds in good conditions.

Where to have a drink in Gran Canaria?

At Pa’ acà y pa’ alla’ in Taurito:

Are you looking for a method that works for sure, to have a good time alone or with friends, in a super warm setting, with cocktails to die for, and delicious cuisine made with the heart? So take a trip to Johana and Mélodie!

One is French, the other from El Hierro, they opened a short time ago, and already have a very good and well-deserved word of mouth! Moreover, with the Facebook group “Les Français de Gran Canaria” we love to meet there, just like with the local diving clubs, and why not you?

Know that they will know how to welcome you as friends who are visiting, and who have prepared something for you to have a good time, you immediately feel that years of travel, experience and love of good products came together to make it work wonderfully.

There is something for all tastes and for all budgets.

It’s HERE that it happens, thank you again each time for your welcome girls, and see you very soon!!

At the Gañania in El Albercon:

If you like to find yourself in a completely improbable place, this is the right address.

Imagine yourself lost in the West Island, in a city surrounded by greenhouses of banana trees, it’s time to eat, you’re hungry, but you don’t know where to go?

And there, if by the most marvelous chance you stop at La Gañania, you understand immediately that you could not have been better off!

Indeed, behind its facade without vis-à-vis the road, you will find yourself in a small haven of peace.

There is next to the tables, a magnificent cactus garden that you can visit, but there are also its inhabitants…. By that I mean goats, a very nice pig, and hens who will sometimes be happy to come and peck at what may have fallen from your plate.

The owner will offer you a whole bunch of fresh smoothies, and good, healthy and generous cuisine that will suit everyone, from the meat lover to the vegan, there is something for everyone.

It is a perfect stopover if you do Trip number 5 of my blog article which offers itineraries to do on Gran Canaria .

And if you’re looking directly for the Gañania, it’s this way.