Hello and welcome!
He's Fabien, your French adventure companion and activity consultant in the Canary Islands. And behind me is Carolyn, the one who shares my life.

This is what we do:


A friend on call to give you a helping hand

Going on holiday to a foreign country, when you don’t know anyone or speak the language is never easy. We know it, we have traveled for years across the globe in search of unique experiences before settling in theCanary Islands a while ago.
We now know the islands like the back of our hand, from Lanzarote to Tenerife via Fuerteventura and Gran Canaria. We have decided to share (on the site via Fab’s blog and our amusing videos) our experiences, advice and above all our contacts which will be useful for you to avoid tourist traps, overpaying and to take full advantage of your holiday destination.
In short, everything you need to enjoy your time in the Canary Islands!

The Crazy Canary Spirit

While most are developing mass tourism, aimed at foreign tourists, with no regard for people’s actual wants or needs, soley focussing on selling selling selling regardless of the quality. At Crazy Canary it’s the complete opposite! Our aim and way of thinking is to offer you tried and tested (personally by us!) activities and places worth visiting. This is why we select serious service providers who guarantee safety first, a warm welcome and a guide or instructor who speaks English so that you can take full advantage of all our activities (surfing, jetskiing, paragliding and many others!). These service providers, have now become friends of ours, and will welcome you as such.
As you will see from our little videos, one or both of us have tried all the activities we offer . We can answer all your questions and provide you with valuable advice.
With Crazy Canary, you will therefore benefit from the advice of a local who will recommend qualified and top quality activity providers… and all this at no additional cost to you! (And yes, I am your direct contact and I book all your activities, but you will not pay any fees. You will also not pay any more than you would going direct to the activity providers….But don’t worry, we don’t have to survive on love and stale bread, our activity providers pay us a pre-negotiated commission).

An adviser, a real one, in flesh and blood

You can also have a look at Fab’s blog section (hilariously translated by a bot) or contact me directly for advice on accommodation (hotels or apartments), restaurants (restaurant, bar, grocery store, etc.) or visits not to be missed in the Canary Islands . In addition, as I would for a mate, I will be happy to help you organize your holidays (I can guide you on transport solutions, accommodation, activities, administrative needs, things to see, and anything else you can think of.
And yes we know, tour operators and websites may be practical, with ‘click and book’ but they will never replace the service, availability and care of a real person, a passionate local. Fact! With Crazy Canary, say ‘bye-bye’ to holiday hassles and ‘hello’ to the sheer pleasure of chilled traveling

This is who we are:

Adventurer seekers at heart

Passionate explorers at your service

Passionate about adventure, Carolyn and I have always loved discovering new horizons and meeting new people. From France and England, we have traveled to various places around the world such as India, Thailand, the Caribbean, Canada, Iceland, Morocco, Jordan, Eastern Europe, and many other countries. Our travels have taken many forms: backpacking and staying with locals to foster exchanges, in a converted van for more freedom… and now by sailboat. It feels natural to me, having grown up in a family of sailors who taught me how precious human relationships are, whether among the crew or during stopovers. I am now here for you, searching for the best tips in the Canary Islands, traveling from island to island, as the wind takes us.

An active activity advisor… say that three times fast!

When I left home I worked in events and hospitality I put my all into it to offer unforgettable experiences to thousands of people. Running various events and restaurants in the UK until I was burnt out. I was swept up in a fast-paced life for several years before becoming a diving instructor, an explorer of a fascinating world. Carolyn, meanwhile, managed very prestigious nightclubs in London for several years before she too became a diving instructor. These activities fulfilled us, but after an accident, I was forced to temporarily stop diving and had to find a new way to continue to amaze the people I meet and see stars shine in their eyes. We realised we had the same ideas about travelling and offering outstanding customer service. Fab had already started selling a few activities he knew well and was sharing his experiences on his blog and the rest, as they say, is history! So now we share our passion for these activities, our love for the Canary Islands . That’s how Crazy Canary was born.

This is what I suggest:


You are unique, your holidays should be too!

Will a computer automatically take care of checking the weather for you before booking a jetski trip in Lanzarote? Tell you the must-see places in Gran Canaria to visit according to your reauirements after a dive? Will arrange to recover the jacket that your child forgot on the buggy tour? NO!
And it’s these small but crucial details which make all the difference, that’s Crazy Canary. Throughout your stay in the Canary Islands, I will be available and ready to answer all your queries (by instant message or WhatsApp to reply quickly at any time).

Ready to go on an adventure?