What’s the weather like in Gran Canaria?

A little update on the weather.

Although the weather can’t be an exact science, we still have a small idea of what to expect when we decide to go on vacation to the Canary Islands.

Know that the weather is good all year round, so you can be tempted by the various activities I have to offer, such as dolphin outings, buggies, diving, jetskiing and much more…. Click here to find out what you can do.

Even if the weather is always mild, each island in the archipelago has its own special characteristics.

In Gran Canaria, we can easily distinguish 4 different climates…. The South breaks sunshine records, which is why my activities take place most of the time there, but let’s take stock together to see more clearly.

South …. 350 days of sunshine a year…

It is not for nothing that the vast majority of the island’s seaside resorts are located in the south…. It is simply thanks to its incredible number of days of sunshine throughout the year.

The prevailing winds are the Alizés, they come from the North, and bring with them the clouds. But the volcanoes being high enough to keep all this little world in the center of the island, the southern half is almost always preserved, except when exceptionally, there are episodes of Calima for example.

Shorts, t-shirts and swimsuits will be your main allies during the day and all year round. Be careful, we are not in the West Indies either, in winter, if there is a bit of cloud, you may need to put on a little sweater until the sun comes up, but in all case, the days are mild, and in the evening a little woolen jacket proves to be a little more comfortable.

The North of Gran Canaria…. Abundant vegetation!

You really feel a little Amazonian atmosphere on this part of the island. The vegetation is very present, and for good reason, as said above the wind and the clouds come mainly from the North, all this is held back by the volcanoes in the center of the island, which gives more precipitation, and a temperature which is sometimes slightly lower.

Plan a small sweater and a raincoat, really just in case, but don’t worry, it’s far from being the climate of the Pas de Calais where I come from, and in general the rainfall never lasts long.

The centre… for a breath of fresh air!

There we find a mountain climate, the green leaves have been replaced by pine thorns, and the temperature has really dropped. At the same time you can cultivate chestnuts here, while down below it is the cultivation of bananas that prevails…. Logical since on the same day you can have 28 degrees in the south and 13 degrees in the center…. And yes …. You are still at an altitude of more than 1500m!!

As a result, you can also sometimes find yourself in a cloud, which generates light precipitation.

Crazy Canary Tip: Temperatures rise all over the island during Calima times, think finding some cool air won’t work, as the Calima carries warm air masses with it, and warm air tends to to climb, so you will not be preserved in the peaks.

The East and West coasts: paradise for activities on the water.

These are much windier because there is a phenomenon of wind acceleration, why? Because the Canary Islands are right in the middle of the Atlantic, large masses of air arrive straight from the ocean and are confronted with huge volcanoes that have risen from the earth, the air has to escape somewhere, and this creates a phenomenon of acceleration, which will delight those who use the wind for activities such as kite-surfing etc…

And what about the water temperature?

It varies between 18 and 23 degrees, you are in the Atlantic. Temperature that I find completely bearable because I bathe there all year round.

The best period is from June to October, this is when it is at its highest.

To conclude :

Don’t expect to arrive in the West Indies, but the Canary Islands have, in my opinion, the best climate in the world, it’s rarely too hot, never really cold, and the nights are cooler, which prevents us from suffocating.

At any time of the year, you can enjoy all the activities I offer, so don’t wait and join me!