Lanzarote without a car? The method

You had perfectly planned your vacation, but your landlord failed you? Some lucky people still managed to get the precious 4-wheel sesame, but not everyone…
Are you on foot in Lanzarote?
Don’t panic, here’s how to manage and not ruin your vacation.

1. Use public transport: a great saving

My secret ? An app to download…

The main cities are fairly well served by buses, and like many smartphone users, I usually type my route on Google map and choose my mode of transport.
Only there is a catch! “No route found” appears when I choose the bus no matter where I want to go, where I come from etc….

How to do ?
There is indeed a bus company on Lanzarote, but which in fact does not send this data to Google, and therefore does not use it, which means that you have to go through another application to find the same facilities than with google map, and this application is MOOVIT downloadable for Iphone and Android.

Little tip: if you manage to have bicycles, a really nice thing to do is to take the bus on a Sunday by putting them in the hold (it’s free), then you go up to the Teguise market, make your short walk, and finally you go home by bike, it will only be downhill to go to Arrecife, Puerto del Carmen, Costa Teguise etc…

2. Have the food delivered to you: and support local producers!

Your shopping in a few clicks…

Traveling by sailboat, I often find myself very annoyed during my stopovers, when I want to do my shopping for the week, for example. I have no means of transport on land, only 1 backpack is a bit light, and I am more demanding on the quality of my fruits and vegetables…

How does it work ?
I quickly noticed that in the Canary Islands, in general, it is quite easy to have good products delivered, often free of charge when the order exceeds 20 or 30€. Of course, the money-hungry retail giants don’t care about your logistical problems and your health (when you see the “food” they sell), but get closer to the good fruiterias and small organic shops on the island, of course if you compare the prices to something tasteless, full of water and chemicals, yes it is a little more expensive, but in return you will get food, which is healthy and locally grown.

Little tip: you will find right here the link of Maja’s company, which delivers excellent products to me at great prices every week

Marco, from “Biotienda la villa” in Teguise, who can also provide this service.

Do not hesitate to inquire with small traders, I have sometimes been surprised.

3. Choose activities that offer a shuttle service: the customer is king.

Your only obligation: enjoy the present moment.

Are you staying in Puerto del Carmen and would like to visit the North of the island in a buggy? Only the starting point is in Costa Teguise. Know that several of the companies with which I work, can offer you a shuttle service, and that very often, it’s free!

How’s it going ?
By visiting my website here, you will discover my concept of the adventure planner, contacting me does not commit you to anything, so do not hesitate. According to your desires and constraints, such as being on foot, I will do my best to find you a suitable and personalized service.

A little tip: the shuttle is a real added value offered by activity managers in Lanzarote. On the other hand, it cannot be found everywhere at once. If you find a way to get there, it’s always better because you could have a wider choice of free slots available.

4. Take excursions to tourist sites, and let yourself be guided!

After all why not ?

Let’s be honest, when people talk to me about organized excursions, I feel like I’ve aged 30 years, that I’m going to find myself crammed into a bus, with a guide with a diamond email smile.
We have to find a solution, because it is true that public transport to go for example to Timanfaya or to the mirador del rio, well there is none!

Is this really what I expect?
I want to say a big NO! It can be seen that some tour companies are trying to attract new customers by modernizing. The atmosphere is all the same very different when you find yourself in a minibus of 15 people, it’s immediately more convivial, and for the little that you meet other nice people who have had the same setbacks as you with their renter, a contact is created and it can make a nice meeting.

Type in your Lanzarote search engine by minibus and you will find a large number of proposals, I have not yet explored them all enough to be able to direct you to one or the other.

Little tip: I have already heard a lot of good feedback, about French-speaking people who organize excursions in small groups, their Facebook page is called “Lanzarote à la carte”, if you have the chance to meet them, do not hesitate to give me feedback on what you thought.

5. Rent something different: A Ryker!

Discover new sensations with your B license…

Do you think it is impossible to combine the feeling of freedom that a 2-wheeler gives us, with the stability of a car? The Canadian company Can-am intends to prove you the contrary. Imagine yourself on the handlebars of one of these racing cars, while also being on the enchanting roads of Lanzarote…. Isn’t there a little taste of paradise?

How to proceed ?
These vehicles are driven with a B license, at least 21 years old, and more than 2 years of license. They are rented by the day. Being a partner with the company that operates them, do not hesitate to contact me if you wish to know more.

Small tip: even if the weather is admittedly rather always mild in Lanzarote, make sure that the weather is good and that there is not a wind of madness, it would be a shame if all the conditions were not not reunited with this UFO.

To conclude :

We agree that owning your own car is a comfort that is really not negligible, however the Covid crisis has meant that everywhere in the Canary Islands, rental companies have had to resell part of their car fleet so as not to having to put the key under the door. The parks are regaining their volume before, but even if the companies wish to buy, we cannot have 500 cars delivered in a very short time, this problem which was the number 1 of the summer, has not not finished letting people believe that their holidays are ruined because it did not happen as they would have liked with the rental company. Also try social networks to try to organize a carpool, it can work, the group “passion Lanzarote” is French-speaking and very active.
I hope this article will help you to keep the holidays as you hoped….
If you want to discover my concept and find activities for your stay in the Canary Islands, follow me here .