Good accommodation plans in Lanzarote

As for many of us, having a foothold in this little piece of paradise that is Lanzarote makes us dream…. Some have, and when they’re not, they’re ready to share it with people like you who are looking for vacation accommodation.

Forget the big online rental platforms to find the accommodation of your dreams, and the interlocutors with whom you find it difficult to understand each other, because as one of Crazy Canary’s catchphrases says: “You are not on a website of E-commerce, but at the beginning of a beautiful encounter”.

This is why I have selected owners for you, whom I met along the way, with whom I sympathized, and with whom we agreed so that I could share their property on my site, because we adhere to these values which bring together friendliness and simplicity.

Accommodation in Puerto del Carmen:

Patricia’s apartment:

I met them, her and her husband, when I was still a buggy tour guide on Lanzarote, while at the same time I was launching Crazy Canary. Immediately, a friendly contact was created and she, who has traveled all over the world, explained to me that she completely fell in love when she discovered Lanzarote and was quick to buy her very well located apartment. in Puerto del Carmen, which she makes available for you when she is not there. Here is its description:

El Sueno Ocean Lanzamar.

We rent an apartment in Puerto del Carmen with sea view from the terrace. It is located in a complex with swimming pool and deckchair, playground. It is composed of a bedroom and a living room, it can accommodate a family with 2 children or 3 adults. There is availability from February.

Contact her at +33 6 99 39 52 38 or

Christopher’s apartment:

Another family I met when I was a buggy guide. They also made several trips abroad, to finally decide to buy a pied-à-terre on the island of eternal spring. Puerto del Carmen, where their apartment is located, is a very strategic place, because you can both enjoy being near the sea, while being ideally centered to go on an excursion to discover the 4 corners of Lanzarote.

You will find all the information by clicking on this link: 4be7-9b26-2b191ed89e7d & fbclid = IwAR3XOvnUWKvINv0X2Q59dp_F8lwkj-nZeMKZc2koJSKz7j67gRxJe0n2kE4 & _branch_match_id = 1029679369607217310 & _branch_referrer H4sIAAAAAAAAA8soKSkottLXT0zKS9LLTdVPc892SSx1TjHLS7JPS0rOyUyx9Sx3DDKO8C %2FLCw33LvP0KzOIMAo0tUwpiHezyCnPztLNi0r19Y5KNsrO9wr2rjLPMjNPD6rwSjXIM8p2NQEASF3Zd2AAAAA% = 3D = & source_impression_id p3_1646733685_ %2FRFvpzRE% 2BSGYEjO0