3 ideas for car trips in Lanzarote to take full view and at a very low price!

That’s it ? You have it ? You have managed to find the most coveted object of this summer 2022: a rental car!! This commodity which had become so rare!
Only now you ask yourself the question:
But where will I go?? How much will this cost me?

In order to answer these questions I have prepared 3 itineraries with surreal landscapes, each of which lasts at least half a day or more, depending on your pace, and all visits for the 3 trips will cost you less than 10€ per person. , you want to know how to do it?

Let’s look together and right away, starting with:

1. The center of the island: indefinable

You are not on Earth.

Road trip: wine route / peasant house-museum / Famara / Teguise.

1. Wine route : This road is the one that passes through the typical vineyards of the island, it is magical, there is no other word, the lunar landscapes are bewitching and it is possible to stop in the cellars for a small tasting and discover more about the particular know-how specific to here.

2. Peasant House-Museum (Casa-Museo del Campesino): This is a small house used to take you on a journey through the popular culture of Lanzarote. Admission is free and very well placed for a stopover.

3. Famara : Do you know what I like to do in Famara? Nothing ! The atmosphere in this small village of surfers is so pleasant and unique on the island, that strolling through its streets with your feet in the sand is a delight! The cliffs are also impressive!

4. Teguise : Former capital of Lanzarote which has nothing to do with the big modern cities. The traditional buildings are beautifully preserved, the locals are proud to live there, and everything comes alive on Sunday mornings as it is market day, which is very popular…

How to proceed :
– First start by reaching the small village of Uga (important to be sure that it makes you go through the road that interests us), then enter your GPS “Casa-Museo del Campesino” in San Bartholomé, you will necessarily pass by the road full of vineyards, to then finish at the 2nd stage of this trip in the center of Lanzarote.
– After visiting the museum, all you have to do is go to Famara, then Teguise, which your GPS will find easily.

Mistakes to avoid:
– The wine route is limited to 60km/h, you can easily indulge in higher speeds without realizing it.
– Try to go before 2 p.m. to the “Casa-Museo del Campesino”, later you might not come across a craftsman.

2. The Amazing South

Like an air of paradise?

Road trip: Green Lake / Los Hervideros / Los Charcones / Playa Papagayo

1. Green Lake : sometimes used for video shoots, it’s quite understandable that this place has already attracted producers looking for a fantastic location. The green color varies a little depending on the weather and the seasons, it is sometimes less dazzling than on the photo, but take the time to look at the surroundings, it’s sublime, and as a reminder, it’s also free!

2. Los Hervideros : come and admire the power of the elements! A lava flow which ended its journey in the ocean, and which does not fail to come and break its waves against it, ending up forming 2 caves, nature in all its splendour!

3. Los Charcones : a set of magnificent natural pools, where it is possible to swim when conditions permit in this wild part of the island, where the fire of the volcanoes and the ocean meet.

4. Playa Papagayo : do you dream of swimming in translucent waters, and lying in warm sand? You are in the right place, and it is not the 3€/vehicle that will make us regret our visit to what is considered to be the most beautiful beach in Lanzarote.

How to do it ?
– For the green lake (lago verde), you just have to go to this car park https://goo.gl/maps/FQTKeLoE8Jata 3zv8 then walk about 5min.
– Concerning Los Hervideros and playa papagayo type these names in your GPS, it will take you there.
– For Los Charcones there are several accesses, it is not a precise natural pool but several. Some paths are chaotic without 4×4 (especially if you follow the Google itinerary). My advice is going to be that you go to this parking lot https://goo.gl/maps/i7dhkQLisb8YfWYRA and walk down to the south, it’s the easiest and you quickly start to see what you came for .

Mistakes to avoid:
The spectacle is a little less breathtaking if the sea is not rough in Los Hervidios.

3. The Untamed North

Welcome to the land of fire

Road trip: Mirador Del Rio / Caleton Blanco / Haria / Cueva del Agua

1. Mirador del Rio : one of Lanzarote’s must-sees! It is a truly breathtaking view of the island of La Graciosa, it is very easy to get there by car, a restaurant has been established there. Admission is €5/person, which means that I still consider this outing as a low-cost outing because the show is beautiful too!

2. Caleton Blanco : turquoise waters and an impressive contrast between the black lava and the white sand. A natural protection for bathing with a lot of comfort, the place is also ideal for children because there is little bottom.

3. Haria : this is one of my favorite villages, which is located in the greenest part of the island. Not many activities to do but enjoying its atmosphere and looking at the shops suits me perfectly (there is an artisan market on Saturday from 10am to 2.30pm). César Manrique was very fond of this village, it is moreover there that he ended his days.

4. Cueva del Agua : To end this trip, another geological curiosity from Lanzarote, a “natural bath” 6m in diameter, overlooking the sea, all in a rustic environment.

How to do it ?
– The mirador del rio and Haria are very easy to find with a GPS.
– Caleton blanco parking is there https://goo.gl/maps/h69g1yjU6kCRU3XQ8 .
– And for the cueva del agua, you would have to walk for 2 minutes after parking there https://maps.app.goo.gl/Yzj3VFtk2pUrLQ3h8 .

Mistakes to avoid:
– Do not expect a sublime spectacle at the mirador del rio if the sky is not clear.
– Do not go swimming in the cueva del agua if you believe that the right conditions are not met.

To conclude :

After these 3 journeys you may have discovered, thanks to your car, some parts of Lanzarote a little less under the spotlight than some of the island’s top tourist spots and without spending a fortune on visits. Each place deserves to be seen and respected, I will soon do another article on the places not to be missed.

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