Where to eat / have a drink in Lanzarote?

Lanzarote has almost 2,000 bars/cafeteria, or about 1 for every 75 inhabitants…. This number is completely insane! To give you an element of comparison and by the way a little riddle, do you know which city in France has the most bars per inhabitant?

The answer is Rouen with 1 bar for 1404 inhabitants!! While Paris is only in 8th position with 1 for 1964 inhabitants.

As you will have understood, finding a good place to have a drink and a snack in Lanzarote can be a challenge, so if you don’t want to spend all your time on traveler review sites, or risk come across a bad address, why not let yourself be guided by the recommendations of Crazy Canary?

And to make you hungry or thirsty, why not let yourself be tempted by the different activities I have to offer like catamaran to Papagayo or Lobos, buggy, diving or many other things…. Click here to find out what you can do.

- Where to have a drink in Arrecife?

If you want to dive into the heart of a cultural broth, a bar appreciated by locals and where you can also meet people from all over the world, ranging from Argentinian or Colombian waitresses, with a Belgian boss and regulars. Quebecers, French or elsewhere ……. The bar for you is the JOLLY ROGER!!

Located at the marina of Arrecife, which is an almost essential step for sailors wishing to make a transatlantic, as for those who just want to take advantage of the climate of the archipelago, Lolo will be happy to welcome passing sailors, and neophytes wishing to immerse themselves in the heart of this community, where everyone is gathered around several passions, such as travel, the ocean and sailing.

You will find different kinds of cocktails, strong alcohols, Spanish or Belgian beers, delicious fries (let’s not forget where the boss comes from!), and other small dishes that are easy to nibble.

Everything is done to make you want to stay there, because inside, when the football matches are not broadcast, you will find books, and board games, which are available for free, it’s almost a second house, and it’s always a pleasure to return there, in order to get to know new captains, crews, backpackers or others, with projects and dreams full of their heads, which they will not hesitate to tell you about if the opportunity arises.

And please note that every Friday evening is a JAM session, meaning that anyone can come with an instrument to express themselves… It’s a bit like karaoke but instrumental version.

Click here to view the contact information for Jolly Roger.

And click here to see their Facebook page.

Teleclubs, what are they?

The Teleclubs in Lanzarote are typically Canarian restaurants that are usually supported by the municipalities that host them. These are, in a way, the workers’ restaurants or brasseries of the island, where people can not only savor delicious local cuisine but also enjoy a friendly atmosphere and community-organized events. With the support of local authorities, Teleclubs contribute to promoting local cuisine while strengthening social bonds in the region. Initiatives that nourish both the body and the social fabric of Lanzarote.

They can be found throughout non-coastal cities, simply type ‘teleclubs Lanzarote’ on Google or click here to find them.