What’s the weather like in Lanzarote?

Welcome to Lanzarote, the sunny jewel of the Atlantic Ocean, where the mild climate invites you to an eternal springtime getaway. Whether you’re a fan of summer heat or winter mildness, Lanzarote welcomes you year-round, allowing everyone the leisure to choose their ideal time.

A blessed climate:

The climate of Lanzarote is the protagonist of this story, offering an eternal spring that transcends the seasons. The hot and sunny summers set an ideal backdrop for active days, while the mild and pleasant winters add a touch of serenity to the island’s atmosphere.

Shade temperatures ranging from an average of 20°C in January to 27°C in August, each time of the year unveils a unique aspect of this meteorological paradise. However, it is worth noting that the refreshing and oceanic air ensures consistent comfort, except occasionally during calima periods (hot wind from Africa), somewhat comparable to the sirocco that can be experienced in France.

All-Season Activities:

Regardless of the time of year, Lanzarote offers an infinite array of outdoor activities. From catamaran excursions to the paradise beaches of Papagayo to buggy rides through the lunar landscapes of the island, the possibilities are as diverse as the temperature variations. Click here to discover the full range of activities I have personally tried and recommend.

And the water temperature in all of this?

In this Atlantic Ocean that caresses the shores of Lanzarote, water temperature is a key factor for swimming enthusiasts. From June to November, the waters peak at 24°C, providing refreshing moments. During the winter, they drop to 18°C, a temperature that doesn’t deter the most intrepid, like me, who indulge in year-round swimming.

The Magic of Breezes and Stable Temperatures:

Lanzarote draws its uniqueness from its geographical location, embraced by stable temperatures throughout the year. Hot summers and mild winters blend harmoniously, creating a perfect backdrop for all the adventures this island has to offer. Ideally positioned in relation to the trade winds, it is the last stop for many sailors before crossing the Atlantic. You’ll understand, in Lanzarote, there is wind, and although sometimes stronger than usual, it is often a blessing, bringing not only relief from the summer heat but also a pleasant breeze for all seasons, because it should not be forgotten that the sun heats up here!

A Word on Precipitation:

Rain is a rare guest on the island, primarily concentrated between October and March. A few light showers may punctuate these months, believe me, they are nothing more than almost pleasant caresses, far from deluges. No need for raincoats, just listen to the gentle murmur of the rain on Lanzarote’s arid ground.

Conclusion :

In summary, Lanzarote’s climate, with its mild temperatures and regular breezes, reveals itself as one of the best in the world. Whether you’re drawn to golden beaches, outdoor adventures, or simply the pleasure of relaxing in an almost lunar environment, Lanzarote offers it all, year-round. Explore, discover, and enjoy this island paradise where each day is a new invitation to wonder.