What time of year to come to Lanzarote?

Lanzarote’s climate is an eternal spring, so no matter what time of year you want to go there, it’s more a matter of personal taste…

In any case, it’s possible all year round to let yourself be tempted by the various activities I have to offer, such as catamaran sailing to Papagayo or Lobos, buggy riding, diving and much more…. Click here to find out what you can do.

Summers are hot (but not too hot) and sunny, and winters are mild and pleasant.

The bottom of the air is refreshing, we are still surrounded by the ocean, but the sun is strong, so as soon as it is not hidden by clouds (which is often the case), you You can count on walking around in t-shirt shorts during the day, and in the evening you will just have to add a little sweater.

During the day, the thermometer can reach 20°C in January and 27°C in August (note that these are temperatures in the shade, remember what I said about the bottom of the air just before). In general, they tend to stabilize on these values throughout the year following the period, at the only exception of the calima phenomenon , that is to say when the wind coming from the neighboring Sahara desert raises the temperatures a little, but on the other hand also brings with it dust which veils the sky a little like mist.

With regard to precipitation, the rains are noticeably scarce and are concentrated in the period from October to March. It sometimes happens that for a few weeks, we have a few light showers, which just wet the ground a little, no need to take out the raincoats and expect the deluge.

A peculiarity of Lanzarote is its geographical position which makes it particularly exposed to the trade winds, which blow from East to West, blessed bread for sailors wishing to go to the West Indies, and which means that the island is quite often windy but without annoying (except of course when it’s exceptionally stronger than normal), as a general rule, these breezes are very pleasant to withstand the heat.

You should not expect to arrive in the West Indies, but I consider this climate to be the best in the world!

As for the water temperature, the same, we are in the ocean, at the most it will reach 24 degrees during the period from June to November, then go down to 18 degrees during the winter, for my I bathe all year round, but obviously I don’t spend hours in the water when the temperature is at its lowest.

And besides, the activities that I propose can be done at any time of the year, find them here.

I hope you enjoy this island and its wonderful climate.