The rules of COVID-19

Pcr, antigenic, vaccine, not vaccine, nowadays, we almost deserve a medal when we manage to understand all these constraints linked to Covid for travel. I have therefore chosen to group together in this article, links that refer you to official government bodies to answer all this.

You are in France and you are going to the Canary Islands:

Here is the link to the official portal for tourism in Spain, everything is explained in French: .
And here the link of France Diplomacy which confirms what is said in the link above: .

It’s up to you to see which category you are in, and anyway you will need to fill in the SPTH form as explained in the links.
On the website of the official tourism portal, it may not seem clear to some what type of zone we are in, risk or high risk, because this necessarily has an impact on the current rules.
So I insist on the fact that for the Spanish government, the French and Belgian territory is still considered to be “at risk” and not “at high risk”.

This link to the Spanish Ministry of Health website will confirm this: .

For your return to France:

Everything is clearly explained on the website of the French Ministry of the Interior: .

Same as for the outward journey, it’s up to you to see in which category you are, but in any case, you will have to complete a sworn statement, which you will find in the link above.

On the spot :

You will undoubtedly hear, once there, of islands in red, orange, green etc. alert. Don’t panic, even if you are in scarlet red, it’s really something internal to the Canary Islands which only influences the stories of occupancy rates, restaurants, gyms etc….

If you want to know more about it, it’s on this link: .

To conclude :

The Canaries live 90% from tourism, and are an autonomous government of Spain.
At the beginning of 2021, when almost all of Europe was in confinement once again, the Canary Islands remained open to tourism without danger, because here we manage to manage the crisis more easily, because everyone can have them checked when entering or leaving.
Governments play on fear, but relax, respect the protocols mentioned above, as well as the barrier gestures once there, and enjoy your holidays on the archipelago in peace.
Many of my blog articles may be useful for your stay, you will find them here , and if you want to take full advantage of them, it is there .

Happy Holidays to all !