The best hotels in Lanzarote

When you imagine yourself in a hotel in Lanzarote, you immediately see yourself by the pool, in a deckchair, before entering a clean and comfortable room where you feel good.

However, some establishments are sometimes more popular than others, the Canaries are more and more fashionable with the French and French-speaking public, only, have the hoteliers managed to adapt to this new clientele on the puck sometimes? demanding, and with a different holiday style from that of our Anglo-Saxon or German friends?

I produced this article with the aim of collecting the opinions of different people, having spent a stay in Lanzarote, through a survey, in order to answer the famous question repeatedly asked on Facebook groups: Which hotel would you recommend? -you?

I only transcribe the answers of a survey for which I regularly ask the participation, either to the customers of my website or through various Facebook groups like “Passion Lanzarote”.

Crazy Canary being a quality label for French customers, it seems important to me to dissect for you, the opinions of several visitors so that you are correctly informed so that your holidays go as well as possible.

I invite you to download the pdf grouping the hotels listed in alphabetical order, as well as their rating: (this list was updated on 01/24/2022).

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