are you crazy ?

We have no doubt that you too are so Crazzzyyyyy.. Then Crazy-Canary has a game for you: find Carolyn.

the concept :

In order to give a financial boost to bars/restaurants located in the Canary Islands, Crazy-Canary has decided to have 10,000 coasters (or coasters) made and distribute them free of charge from these places of sharing and conviviality. .

But…. we didn’t want to stop there! We have therefore decided to include you in our approach and make you participate in the completely crazy adventure of Crazy-Canary… But ” Where is Carolyn ? “


– Stay hydrated in a bar or restaurant and discover our coasters.

– Go find Carolyn.
Be careful, Carolyn can hide anywhere in the Canary Islands… From Lanzarote to Gran Canaria via Fuerteventura, meet him during the summer of 2023.

– When you find Carolyn, take a selfie together. The selfie should be… Crazyyyyy !

– Once the selfie has been validated and posted on social networks, get a gift for all the activities we offer.

That's Carolyn!
Quickly find it...